Why I got excited about the Natural Mould Solution

I had a friend that lived in an elegant neighbourhood in a beautiful house. A group of us used to get together there for DVD nights once a week. My friend became ill over a 12 month period and the DVD nights quietly trailed off. Eventually they found out he had a mould problem. He had to leave and spent about a year getting back to vibrant health.
I wish I’d known about this solution then and been able to share it…..
Eventually I learnt about this solution and am able to share it now….

Norah Copithorne
from the Natural Mould Solution

Did you know?

  • • 24% of people do not have the anti-immune gene HLA – DR required to address mould.

  • • Mould grows within 48 hours and only required 55% humidity and dust to grow.

  • • People with breathing issues: asthma, bronchitis, or any anti-immune condition – are the most vulnerable to mould.

  • • There is an online test that can be done for a small fee to show if mould is present in the body: www.survivingmold.com

  • • In Australia, the average cost to test a 3 bedroom bungalow for Mould using air and surface samples is $1500.

Mould is Everywhere

The Natural Mould Solution is natural and kills mould without harming people.

There are over 100,000 different types of mould but only a handful are officially recognised, as dangerous.

Often the remedy is as harmful as the mould itself.

It’s a fact well recognised that extended periods of exposure to mould may create unhealthy living conditions for those individuals that are vulnerable. Typically, anyone immune deficient, with a pre-existing breathing condition, someone very young or very old.

Mould reproduces by releasing small spores, which are carried in the air and require water and nutrients to grow and multiply. Up to 10,000 mould spores per cubic meter can be present in an area and you would not know it. If you can actually smell mould, it means it is already present in high concentrations.

Fixing the source that is allowing the damp in, is the necessary first step to ultimately resolving the problem.

Removing the mould from affected surfaces in the building can be costly and take time to implement.

Using standard chemicals and fungicide treatments to address mould is intense and very toxic – and doesn’t always work. If used over a long period it could cause harm to people and pets.


The Natural Mould Solution Protocol:

  • • It takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete.
  • • Uses sustainable, nontoxic products.
  • • Has been proven to work.
  • • Was developed and clinically tested in the U.S and uses a combination of specific, therapeutic grade oils and a bespoke diffuser.
  • • Includes ongoing use of the products as part of a maintenance program designed to keep you healthy while the core issue causing the mould in the first place is being remedied.
  • • It’s easy to do and lovely to share with family and friends who also need help

Global Research on Mould– Here is what several world organisations have to say about Mould:

Mayo Clinic says 93% of sinusitis is caused by mould – 1999 study

• The 2009 World Health Organization (WHO) has identified connections between certain types of mould and chronic health conditions.
“The conditions that contribute to the health risk were summarized as follows.
The prevalence of indoor dampness varies widely within and among countries, continents and climate zones. It is estimated to affect 10–50% of indoor environments in Europe, North America, Australia, India and Japan. In certain settings, such as river valleys and coastal areas, the conditions of dampness are substantially more severe than the national averages for such conditions.”

• The Australian Government is quoted as:
'Damp, condensation and mould can make you sick, especially in winter when colds and flus are common. Nasal congestion; sneezing, coughing, and/or wheezing; respiratory infections; and/or worsening of asthma and allergic conditions.”

• The US CDC site has this to say about Mould:
“Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all. Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.”

Disclaimer: The above extracts are an indication of research and not a substitute for doing your own. This information is not a substitute for medical counselling with a licensed health practitioner.


The process is quick - 24 hours to do a 92 square meter area. It is a natural, green, plant based solution. It allows action to be taken immediately. . It often takes time and significant investment to solve the root cause of the problem. This solution can be used to reset the environment while that is being done.

Genesis of the Natural Mould Solution Protocol

The natural non-toxic mould solution was developed by Dr Edward R Close and case studies written up in his book Natures Mold rx. Dr Close is a respected Bio Engineer with over 30 years of experience in treating mould in buildings throughout the U.S.

The Natural Mould Solution Protocol uses a specific cold air diffuser (that does not use water) with a proven anti-viral, anti-fungal essential oil and diffuses the area for a minimum of 24 hours

The studies done by Dr. Edward R Close prove that this combination delivers a truly viable non-toxic solution. Once the diffusing is completed, a maintenance program is used to ensure a clean environment on-going.


Choose Your Solution!

Natural Mould Solution Protocol 12 Month Guarantee:

I am confident that if you follow the Natural Mould Solution protocol and repair the cause of the original damp issue your mould issue will not return.

Once the water source has been fixed and the Natural Mould Solution protocol applied there’s a 12 month guarantee that the mould will not return or the area will be retreated free of charge.


Recommended for 184 square meter space.

Diffuse 2 bottles of oils continuously for 24 hours for each 90 square meter.

  • 1 x Industrial strength bespoke cold air diffuser + adaptor (if required)
  • 1 x ENJO Cloth
  • 4 x Bottles 15ml Therapeutic grade essential oil
  • 1 x Household cleaner concentrate (426 ml bottle)
  • Natural Mould Solution Mould Process Protocol for solution and maintenance
  • Education program
  • Natural Mould Solution Community – FB Group - conditions apply

Features and Benefits

• You own the diffuser. You can use it ongoing for the maintenance program required to keep your home safe until the structural issues are resolved in your home or office. Or share it with family and friends as required.

• To do another process go to checkout and purchase the supplies needed at retail or make a booking with Norah to discuss how to become part of the Natural Mould Solution Community and receive additional savings with your purchases.

inc GST and Postage within Australia
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Additional Supplies

ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS | COSTS: (Shopping Cart items)

  • Mould Removal Oil - 15 ml oil - $90 per bottle including postage (within Australia)
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  • Household Cleaner Concentrate 426 ounce - $75 per bottle including postage within Australia
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  • Household Cleaner Concentrate 1.8L - $249 per bottle including postage within Australia
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  • ENJO Cleaning Cloth. The perfect cloth for cleaning Mould - $90 each including postage within Australia
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  • Additional Diffusers - $380 per diffuser
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  • Diffuser Adaptor - $55
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  • Natural Mould Solution Carry Bag. Take your Mould Kit wherever you travel! - $55
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  • Natural Mould Solution Laundry Soap - $80
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What Satisfied Customers say about our Mould Solution

Kate McConville

After a large recent rain event, I noticed that some clothes in my wardrobe were obviously mouldy.
Washing them didn’t help. I also knew that if clothes were mouldy then there were less obvious but still present mould spores in my environment. As an Asthmatic I chose not to use chemicals in my home many years ago and I truly didn’t know what to do without inviting a stranger into my home with a vat of chemicals that would probably kill the mould and at the same time affect my health.

Along came Norah with the Natural Mould solution. I was quite happy to use the Thieves Oil and the Diffuser as it was a botanical solution that I could live with. And it worked :)
A small amount of the solution was used in my wash which removed the obvious mould from my clothes and the subsequent greywater was ok in my garden.
It was easy to do the next steps which were to wipe down all the walls again with the solution and the ENJO fibres, which were easy and smelt lovely. Without doing an expensive series of testing I cant be 100% sure the products have worked but I'm confident that they have and there is no longer any damp mouldy smell in my cupboards.

We have a 1960’s home, steel window frames, with 3 mm glass and bumpy rendered walls. My normal method of cleaning mould from these surfaces is to spray with oil of cloves, and then come back and scrub off the dead mould – this is generally a full day or 2-day job! Still much easier than trying to remove the Mould with conventional cleaners.

Now I am telling you – the frames of glass and the window were covered with mould, dark green. I sprayed on the Thieves cleaner and left like I usually do however I found I could wipe it off straight away and … it was just a matter of wiping it off. I had to use a toothbrush to get to some of the fiddly bits but again it all loosened easily and wiped off. There was one bit that it just smeared the mould and I couldn’t get it to budge and I don’t know why. But I am in love! What is normally a labour and time-intensive job – took approximately 2 hours rather than a full day.

The Bathroom ceiling is some kind of fibreboard and has patches of black mould – normally I can kill the mould but not remove it. Again I sprayed the cleaner and left it for about 20 minutes and went back in and wiped it off. It’s the cleanest I’ve been able to get it for 20 years. (I know! Time for a new house)

Jacqui Owen
Helga Dalla, Advancing Health Naturally

"My husband and I live on the Sunshine Coast, which is topical especially in the wet season and a haven for mould to thrive in. We often travel up to 6 months each year and open our home to guests through airBNB while we’re away. The rooms that we lock up always reek of smelly mould when we get home. Mould can easily be seen to grow on any leather garments, jackets, winter boots in the wardrobes and can even be seen starting to grow on wooden furniture as well as the window shutters. It often takes a few weeks for the smell to disappear.

When I met Norah Copithorne and heard about her business ’Natural Mould Solutions’ I eagerly connected to see how her solution might help me combat our mould buildup ’naturally. As the founder of my own organization ‘Advancing Health Naturally’ I knew about the harmful effects mould can cause and this was a tool that I would be happy to share widely with my clients and learn from Norah's extensive knowledge. It’s exactly what I do… educate about natural health solutions.

I was so excited when my kit arrived in the mail. It had all the information, advice, and instructions inside, together with Mike, the Mould Solution, the microfibre cloth and essential oil, and a lovely carry bag. I completed the first treatment with Mike as per the instructions, wiped down the surfaces after treatment with the solution and microfibre cloth… my home smelt ‘ mazing’. It was almost too easy! Well, that aside from the physical workout of wiping down the internal walls. For those limited by time or unable to physically do this part, it’s easy to appoint a cleaner by the hour to do this task.

I went all out… and treated the caravan, which we’re traveling in at the moment. The part I also love is that I also use Mike in between treatments to freshen up the caravan with my favorite essential oils.

I’m comforted, knowing that my airBNB guests and my family are all safe from the future harmful effects of hidden mould. I’ve even joined Norah in spreading the word about Mike and her Natural Mould Solutions. I just love helping educate others so that they can keep their loved ones safe in this forever changing environment that we are currently living in.”



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